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Carisa has helped us find our way back to each other.  We had been searching for an answer to why we seemed to continually fall into the same patterns and, possibly more importantly, whether we would be able to break them.  We were faced with the most heartbreaking of questions: Were we simply not right for each other after all?  Did we have too many differences?  What if love isn't enough?  Carisa provided skillful, steady guidance that allowed us to see the source of those differences.  She showed us that we could keep our love alive and, even beyond that, truly be the other's best teammate in life.  In our wedding vows, we promised to always be each other's home.  Carisa has given us the perspective and tools we needed to keep that promise.

A. & K.

Carisa has been a real help for us - as an interracial lesbian couple, it's been important to find someone whose life has traversed more than the typical white space of traditional therapy. She speaks Spanish, has lived abroad, understands the particular trials of two people from different places and languages coming together.



I truly cannot recommend Carisa enough. My husband and I sought out someone that did PACT couples therapy with the intention of improving our communication around complicated/crucial conversations. After just ONE session we experienced a huge shift!  We received way more than just our initial intention.  The understanding and compassion we gained from insights we discovered about one another has truly changed our relationship in an amazing and profound way.  Carisa is a gift to this community.

S. & R.  


From our first communication Carisa has been an ideal combination of: warm, open, and accessible.

She has given us focus and resources to both grow ourselves and find new ways to explore our relationship. Her therapy has helped facilitate our continued commitment in the importance of our relationship now, and in the long term. 

She has helped us to hold our relationship up as a secure refuge that we both take comfort in. She supports us in relating to one another with compassion and understanding for our shared values and differing childhoods. 

We look forward to continuing our work with Carisa in both challenging and growth periods of our marriage.”

A. & L.

I feel so lucky to have had my Family Care physician recommend Carisa Wilder to me as a couples counselor!  Although I ended up seeing Carisa for individual therapy, she has proved to be an excellent choice.  She is extremely knowledgeable about attachment theory, non violent communication, and trauma related issues.  She has recommended excellent psychological scholars for me to read including Stan Tatkin and Janina Fisher, among others. Carisa is a kind, intelligent and obviously caring individual.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about her.  She is a rare find!



Throughout the years, I’ve been with many therapists. However, in many cases I really felt they didn’t help me. It seemed as if I was chatting and they were watching the clock. Carisa is TOTALLY different. I am so grateful our paths were able to cross since my life changed completely.



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