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Introducing The Couple Bubble!

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

All couples have a "Couple Bubble" - it's your relationship! Before you committed to one another, you existed as individuals. Of course you still do, however, another entity has been created - your relationship. THAT is your Couple Bubble! In your relationship, you and your partner have a way of interacting and responding to one another that is uniqe. You have expectations for one another that are totally different than for other relationships - and necessarily so! You may have code words, looks, touches, tones etc. that only you two understand. You have agreements - both expicit and implicit that you either adhere to or don't. All of this and more is what your Couple Bubble is made of.

Some Couple Bubbles are round and full, robust and colorful. Some are small and somewhat deflated, exhausted from years of stress and neglect. Some are wise and mature and some are very infantile - even though the pair has been together for years. Some are lopsided - strong in some areas, weak in others. Few of us have perfect relationships - most of us need to put more time energy and effort into them. Think of a relationship you had or are currently in. What was/is your Couple Bubble like? Many start out with certain qualities and characteristics and change over time. With awareness, care and consideration, you can develop or repair your relationship to be extremely resilient - to be a source of energy and inspiration!

The Couple Bubble is an essential aspect of PACT. PACT stands for a Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy and is a specific approach developed by Stan Tatkin, MFT, PsyD, after decades of research and study in the fields Attachment, Neuroscience and Arousal Regulation. With an understanding of how these different areas of life come together in our primary intimate relationships, you can ensure that your Couple Bubble stays strong and can protect you through the ups and downs that life brings your way.

Hear Stan Tatkin talk about a Couple Bubble: (If you want to skip to the exact description: 16:20)

Marriage counseling can build secure-functioning in a relationship.
A couple bubble is an essential part of PACT.

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